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Paul is a scholar with a thirst for knowledge, living peacefully in a village in the Southern Kingdom.  But one day the kingdom wakes up to a sunless morning – it has been cast into perpetual night.  Despite lacking physical prowess, Paul ventures out of his comfortable life to find the one responsible and force them to free the kingdom of the plight.

In the vein of traditional RPGs, you will take Paul on a journey of skill-improvement to be able to overcome obstacles on the way to restore sunlight to his homeland.  You will travel, explore, fight and solve simple puzzles to help others and progress in Paul’s quest.  Along the way, you will meet characters that will join Paul (some temporarily, others permanently) and complement his strengths with their own.

In keeping with Paul’s focus on knowledge, information is important in the game.  It is useful to explore and interact with the environment, and talk to everyone – you never know who will share a crucial piece of information.  The battles use the traditional turn-based system and although their difficulty level is not overly high, some require well-thought-out strategies (and a bit of grinding).

The story is inspired by folk tales collected by Pavol Dobsinsky in 19th century Europe.  While there is inspiration by real people and places, historical accuracy has not been religiously adhered to.

The game will take around 15 hours to finish (around 20 if you choose to ignore a specific character).  Saving regularly is advised.

Firefly130984 has generously created and shared a guide for this game (it's the first version and will be expanded). It is still recommended to play and discover things on your own, but if you're stuck, it can be useful.

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GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, JRPG, Retro, RPG Maker

Install instructions

Download the Fairy Tales.exe file -> extract to a folder of your choice -> run Game.exe -> enjoy!

Note: The "NoRTP" file is for those who already have RTP installed - if in doubt, download the full version.


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